Let's get those sticks Rolling!!! I focus on the rudiments, technique, reading, improvisation, diverse styles, ear training/transcribing, and most importantly the GROOVE. I teach all ages and really enjoy working with kids.

  I recently relocated from Brooklyn, New York where I spent the 1 1/2 yrs. I took a taste of the "Big Apple" but... I don't really like the weather... aside from that it's a great and interesting environment for music.

  I've been fortunate to study with some outstanding players, including Tim McMann, Mark Lamson, Duncan Moore, Jimmy Cobb, Peter Erskine, James Morton, and Cliff Almond. I got a Music degree frome SDSU. Man I learned so much there and met some great people. A couple of my true heros are Rick Heltzer and Bill Yeager who run the jazz department at San Diego State. I highly recommend further study in music at the college level!

  If I can help you get more satisfaction out of playing and practing then AWESOME. Let's do it!!! Lets develop your sound!!!!


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