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  Hi There! Welcome to Mikey Cannon's drumshed.com. Here you'll find information regarding private lessons, a short biography, future projects and current recording projects.
  Mikey has been drumming professionally since leaving college. He has been gigging and touring with various musicians and situations too numerous to mention, playing in all the styles: jazz, rock, hiphop, reggae, afro-cuban, latin, blues, funk, fusion, swing etc..


  Dec. 15, 2011
   Recently finished West coast California tour with "Izzy and the Catastrophics". I 'm coolin' it in S.F. now doing some teaching at a local Music school and, of course, gigging. I have been meaning to get busy on this website update but haven't had a lot of time to spare. Sorry, will get on it ASAP.

  Aug. 26, 2011
  I am still with rock-a-billy band "Izzy and the Catastrophics". Currently we are on a 4-5 month tour of the U.S. much of that time concentrated up and down the west coast and especially in California from Arcata to San Diego.

  March 21, 2011
  I am touring with a rock-a-billy band "Izzy and the Catastrophics". We've done about 18 shows. It's mostly southeastern U.S.. Except for some minor mechanical problems and the band vehicle being stolen, leaving us stranded in Florida for nearly a week, it's all good and I'm having a great time.

  July 5, 2010
  I am now in Brooklyn, NY.. I had the chance and took it. Goodbye San Diego and hello New York..Yes! I need students and, of course, gigs. <<< Hit that!
I'm a quick study, experienced and proficient in all styles. I'm ready when you are!